How to never pay for diapers again

Everyone agrees that new babies are a bundle of joy, but diapers? What a pain in the bum. Did you know that the average parent spends $900 a year just on diapers? What if we told you there’s a way to never pay for diapers again?

Enter: Hello Bello’s Diaper Registry Fund!

But what is a diaper registry fund? And how can it help you? We’re glad you asked!

A diaper registry fund helps you cut down on the cost of diapers while letting friends and family pitch in to help with baby. It’s like a baby registry but for diapers! Simply start a fund, choose a contribution goal, personalize your profile with pictures and a note, then send your page link to others, so they can donate money to your fund. If you’re expecting, you can add the link to your baby shower invitation or send it along when people ask where you’re registered. If your little one has already arrived, you finally have an answer to questions like, “How can I help?” and “What do you still need”? You can even share the link on social media so that anyone can contribute!

What else can I use the fund for?

Every baby needs different diaper sizes at different times, so having actual money from a diaper fund to spend on diapers when needed gives you control over the amount you receive. This will ensure you don’t receive more newborn diapers than they can actually use.

But that’s not all a diaper registry fund is good for! It’s also a great budgeting tool that can help you organize your diaper budget. Make that extra change count towards every smelly diaper change! 

Learn more about Hello Bello’s diaper registry fund and start bringing in those booty bucks!

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