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Pregnancy is an exciting time; a time to focus on good health and happy outcomes!

The Life with Baby Program is a free Walmart benefit that will connect you with an Aetna Maternity nurse to help with the journey.

What can the Life with Baby Program and an Aetna maternity nurse do for you?

The program goal is to provide support and education that promotes a healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby.  By completing a pregnancy survey- either via phone or online- you will be assigned to an Aetna Maternity Care Manager who will be available to assist in supporting you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. 

Once enrolled, you will also receive educational mailings, emails, as well as gifts for both you and baby. A breast pump is available to you free-of-charge and can be ordered through your Life with Baby Maternity Care Manager.

Aetna Maternity Care Managers are Registered Nurses with specialties in Obstetrical Medicine.  They will work to provide you with telephonic education specific to YOUR pregnancy and answer all your questions and concerns. Your Maternity Care Manager can schedule follow-up phone calls with you based on your availability and can utilize texting and/or email to remind you of upcoming appointments. 

If there is a complication or your pregnancy is considered High Risk, our Maternity nurses can help ensure that you have current information, education and guidance to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

To enroll into the Life with Baby Program via phone, dial 855-273-5500 and select Option 1. To enroll online, visit your Aetna Member Website and complete the Maternity Program Survey under the Health and Wellness “Stay Healthy” tab.

Congratulations on your pregnancy- we look forward to working with you!

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