Meet Included Health, your Personal Healthcare Assistant

Finding great healthcare should be easier. That’s why Walmart partnered with Included Health, in coordination with your Walmart medical plan.

As your no-cost Personal Healthcare Assistant, Included Health can help you or your covered dependents:

  • Understand your medical claims. Track your healthcare spending in one place and have billing experts review potential errors.
  • Maximize your benefits. Find out how your insurance works, how much care costs, and what health benefits you have.
  • Find a new doctor. Find trusted, in-network primary care doctors and specialists for your specific needs.
  • Confirm your doctors are in-network. Check that your doctors are in-network to avoid higher out-of-pocket costs.
  • Talk to the Included Health medical staff. Understand symptoms, discuss treatment options, or request a written expert second opinion.

Included Health is your no-cost personal care team here to help you manage your healthcare. From finding a top doctor in your network to explaining your health benefits or medical bills, they’ll get the help you need, when you need it. Activate your account by tapping the button below.

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