Data privacy FAQ

Ovia prides itself on being a trusted information resource for our community. To help you understand our approach to data privacy, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers below. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Where is my Ovia data stored?

When you track data in Ovia apps, the data is transmitted to Ovia and stored in our secure data centers.

Is my Ovia data shared with third parties? If so, who?

We treat the health data tracked in Ovia as confidential and we do not share it except in limited circumstances as described in the FAQs below and in our Privacy Policy.

If you are using the free consumer version of our apps, Ovia does not share the health data you track in our apps with anyone except the contractors who provide certain support services to Ovia. These companies act on our behalf and are required by contract to protect your data and meet security standard requirements established by Ovia’s vendor management program.

Ovia runs giveaways and promotions under which we ask those who participate to agree to share specific data (usually email address and month/year due) with the sponsors. Sharing for promotions and giveaways is subject to your express opt-in for each promotion or giveaway. The data sharing that applies to the giveaway is always clearly disclosed in the giveaway entry screen, and it applies only to the specific giveaway in which you are participating. If you do not wish to share data with a sponsor, you should not enter the promotion or giveaway.

How is my Ovia data protected?

Ovia employs a comprehensive range of privacy and security controls to protect your health data. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

I’m concerned about data brokers compiling profiles of me based on my app data.

Ovia does not sell data to data brokers.

Can Ovia track my physical location?

Ovia does not continuously track your location when you are using Ovia apps. Periodically, approximately once per month, with your consent we collect location so we can classify you by city, state or zip code for purposes of advertising targeting (because an advertiser may only want to advertise in certain states or cities) and for regulatory compliance (because laws differ in different places, we need to change some user privacy settings based on location).

Can I delete my data?

Ovia allows you to delete your data at any time, even when the law does not require us to offer this option. Refer to our Privacy Policy under the heading “What Are Your Choices?” for instructions on how to request deletion, and How Does Ovia Respond to Data Requests for an explanation of what happens when you request deletion. Please note, however, that if you seek to delete your data after Ovia has received a government or other legally-binding request for it or when your data is otherwise subject to a preservation order, Ovia will be required to preserve your data in order to comply with the request.

I’m worried my data will be shared with law enforcement or used against me legally. Will Ovia share my data?

If Ovia receives a legally-binding request (such as a court order or subpoena) from law enforcement or government, we review it carefully before we respond. We reject any invalid requests. Ovia will not provide data beyond the scope of the valid request. Please see How Does Ovia Respond to Data Requests.

Updated August 2022

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