The Ultimate Bringing Home Baby Guide is Here

How many swaddles does baby need? And what on earth is a diaper genie? Prepare for baby’s homecoming with the ultimate Bringing Home Baby checklist. Brush up on your baby product knowledge and check items off your list, so you can enjoy every second of those first days at home. 


Diapers: Most newborns go through 8-12 diapers a day — that’s roughly 300 diapers a month! Make sure you’re stocked up, so you can deal with whatever mess baby throws your way.

Diaper cream: Baby’s skin is pretty sensitive and diaper rash is no fun. Soothe baby’s skin with diaper cream after every diaper change to avoid any skin irritation. 

Wipes: You’ll want to stock up on this baby cleaning and diapering essential. Use them during diaper change time, to clean up messes around the house, and to clean baby while on the go. “I have too many wipes” — said no one ever!

Changing table and pad: A clean, safe place to change baby’s diaper is a necessity. Changing tables usually come with drawers to store baby’s diapers and clothes, and many include a safety strap (although you still need to watch baby at all times when they are on a changing table in case they roll). When you’re out and about and aren’t able to change their diaper on the changing table, a portable changing pad will come in handy!

Diaper genie: This magical diaper pail will mask the stench of baby’s smelly diapers until you’re ready to empty it! Pick yours up at Target and say bye-bye to bad smells.

Onesies: These adorable wardrobe staples typically come with snaps or zippers to make changing baby easy-peasy. 

Sleepy time

Swaddle: A swaddle is a cozy wrap that helps baby feel snugly and keeps their startle reflex from waking them so they can snooze soundly.

Bassinet: Keep baby safe and close while they sleep with a bassinet. Bassinets are designed for newborns because they’re smaller than cribs and can be placed right next to your bed — perfect for nighttime feedings! 

Baby monitor: Rest easy knowing you have a baby monitor looking out for your little one. Target has a variety of audio, video, and portable options.

On the go

Stroller: With so much variety out there, choosing the perfect stroller for your little one can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, Target has a strollers for every lifestyle! From all-purpose options to compact travel strollers and all-inclusive travel systems, they’ve got you covered. 

Baby Carriers: Bond with baby on the go with a comfortable, wearable baby carrier.

Car seat: You’ll need a car seat to bring baby home and to travel to those frequent doctors appointments early on. Make sure to install the base of the car seat prior to baby’s arrival and ensure they fit well in the seat before taking them on that first car trip. 

Bath time

Baby Bath: Baby baths can help you safely secure your little one during bath time and can often be placed over a sink or in a full-sized bathtub.

Baby soap: Baby’s skin is softer and more sensitive than yours, so regular body wash won’t cut it. Get baby nice and clean with a baby-specific cleanser. 


Bottles: Who knew there were so many baby bottle options? Glass vs plastic, slow flow nipples vs fast flow nipples — the possibilities are endless! Browse all Target’s bottle options to find the right one for your little one!

Bottle brush or sterilizer: Baby’s bottles need to be cleaned properly, and different parents prefer different methods of cleaning. There are handheld brushes or electric sterilizers (some of which are combined with a bottle warmer!).

Breast pads: Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding, chances are you’ll experience leaking nipples. Breast pads will protect your clothes from wetness.  

With these baby basics added to your cart, browse through Target to find all the additional products you need to welcome your little one home. 

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