Telemedicine benefits through ChampionX

Telemedicine gives you access to treatment for an illness without having to go to the doctor’s office. Your benefits include coverage for telemedicine, to make it more convenient for you to get care when you need it.

Your benefits

If you’re enrolled in a BCBSTX medical plan, you have access to a service called MDLIVE. This is a telemedicine option that allows you to speak with a doctor by phone or video 24/7.

Telemedicine appointments can be a convenient option to help you better understand certain symptoms and the next best steps to take. They can be ideal for people with symptoms like allergies, headaches, coughing, sore throats, or the seasonal flu. You can also use MDLIVE for prescription management. This option isn’t meant to replace emergency room visits or urgent care. And while an MDLIVE doctor can provide guidance on  COVID-19, you’d need to find other care for testing and treatment.

BCBSTX medical plans cover MDLIVE when getting care for certain non-emergency medical conditions like the flu,the common cold, pinkeye, rashes, and fevers. Some plans also include coverage for mental health telehealth visits.

To get started, you may need to complete a brief medical history at Once you’ve completed this, you can request a visit whenever you’re feeling sick.

Make sure you have your health plan ID card and credit card (or HSA card) ready when you complete your medical history and when you need a visit.

To learn more about MDLIVE, you can give them a call at (888) 680-8646, or select the button to visit their website.

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