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Earn a reward for completing the Labcorp Healthy Baby Program through Ovia!

Ovia Health is proud to offer Labcorp employees with daily support through every step of the pregnancy journey, including access to expert content, personalized health insights, unlimited messaging with our expert Care Team, and more. Now, you can also earn a $300 reward for your use of Ovia Pregnancy.

In order to be eligible for this reward, you must enroll in Ovia Health in your first 12 weeks of pregnancy and complete the key milestones outlined in the next paragraph.

After you’ve enrolled in Ovia Health (which you already have; that’s how you’re seeing this article!), all you need to do is complete the health assessment and message with a member of our Care Team. Make sure you complete all these steps within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy!

Once processed, your reward will appear in your Rally Rewards. You can check Rally to learn more about the incentives available to you and their statuses.

If you are a new employee who is 12 or more weeks pregnant and trying to earn the reward, or simply aren’t sure if you are eligible, reach out to Peoplecare at 1-800-845-6167. Additionally, if you expect to see your reward in your Rally dashboard and do not, contact Rally at 1-844-334-4944.

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