Stephanie’s story: Part one

Preeclampsia happens in 1 in 25 pregnancies and is responsible for 10-15% of maternal deaths globally. Millions of people have a preeclampsia story to tell. This is part one of Stephanie’s story, 21 years later. 

Ovia stories is a series that goes deep on a shared experience from our community.

“We were married about two years before I got pregnant for the first time. We were so thrilled to see the positive — we were ready.

Part way through my pregnancy, we moved and I had to find a new healthcare provider. To develop trust with someone new was a bit unnerving. I didn’t feel like the new provider knew me very well and I didn’t really bond with them.

Today, I have to feel like I can open up to my providers and be confident they will listen. I always remind myself, ‘you know your body better than anyone else. If you’re feeling strange or you think something is off, your healthcare provider needs to listen and they need to take action. Whether it’s asking you additional questions, doing lab work or a physical exam — they need to take you seriously.’ 

For at least 2 years after we had Nickolas, I couldn’t even think about getting pregnant again. After everything we went through, it was just too fresh and raw. We were still taking him to so many doctor’s appointments for multiple lingering concerns. It wasn’t until about 4 years after having Nick that we decided to start trying for a second baby. 

Then I had a couple miscarriages. We saw a fertility specialist and had several tests done. When the tests came back fine and we explained what we had been through with Nick, they told us to be patient, as the stress may have negative effects. They were really reassuring — and we felt that in time we would be blessed with a second child. 

It was a difficult time, and it was scary to get pregnant again, but finally we did. That’s why our sons are about five and a half years apart.”

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