C-section education

A cesarean birth (also called a cesarean section or surgical birth) is the surgical delivery of a baby through a cut made in the abdomen. It’s sometimes used in emergency situations or when requested by either the person delivering the baby or their doctor. Depending on the situation, a doctor may recommend it for safety reasons or when a person can’t deliver their baby vaginally. There are some health risks associated with having a C-section. Speak with your healthcare provider to discuss if your situation may require having a C-section. 

Common factors associated with requiring a C-section delivery include:

  • Abnormal fetal heart rate
  • Abnormal position of the fetus during birth
  • Problems with progress during labor
  • Size of the fetus
  • Placenta problems
  • Certain conditions the birthing parent has (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, active herpes sores in the vagina or cervix, or immune deficiencies)
  • Previous C-section
  • Twins or other multiples

You can learn more about C-section deliveries by accessing C-section resources and speaking to someone on the Ovia Care Team. In addition to following up with your doctor, this information can help you decide if a C-section is something that might be necessary in your situation.

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