Finding childbirth classes

Considering a childbirth class to build your confidence for the big day? Great idea!

Whether it’s your first time having a baby or not, every pregnancy is different. And so is the delivery. Although bringing a child into the world is a joyful experience, it can also be overwhelming, you’ll likely find that a childbirth class is helpful in preparing you for some of the things that concern you most about labor and delivery. This class can help prepare you for everything you need to know about childbirth. Instructors may also provide coping techniques, such as breathing exercises, that you can apply to make your delivery a little more comfortable.

Finding a childbirth class is a step in the right direction. Some classes may even allow you to bring someone with you for support. In the class, they’ll likely learn ways to best support you during labor and delivery.

Childbirth classes may be available to you at little to no cost–whether you have health insurance or not. Before you have your baby, you should explore childbirth classes and find out if there are other benefits available to you, such as a breast pump and counseling services.

The Ovia Care Team can help you learn more about finding and scheduling childbirth classes and other available resources that can support you during your pregnancy. 

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