Child development and growth

Woman speaking intently with another woman

Substance Use Resources

Preteen sits on the couch smiling at an adult

How to talk about periods

Daughter and father sit on couch looking at ipad

Your guide to age twelve

Mom and daughter sit on the couch in conversation

Different parenting styles? Start here

Mother and teen stand in kitchen talking

How to talk to your kid about sex

Two teenagers sit on a couch looking over the camera and smiling

Fostering a lasting bond between siblings

Two people sit on a couch, their faces out of view, holding hands.

Should we go to couples therapy?

Couple sits on couch in conversation

Dealing with resentment in your relationship

Two couples greet each other at the door, smiling.

How to tackle complicated in-law relationships

Man and boy fist bump through a doorway.

When should I introduce my child to a new partner?

Child sits at desk with a pencil in hand looking out the window

Does my kid have ADHD?

Two kids sit at the kitchen table, making cookies. A parent stands next to them smiling with a cookie baking sheet.

Food for the holidays: A winning approach

Parent with two children sit on the couch with their parents

How to tell your child you’re having another baby

Parent and child sit on the ground. The parents hand on the child's back.

How to explain the death of a loved one to your child

Father kneels down and holds his son's hands

How to tell your child you’re moving

How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

Parents sit with child on couch in conversation

How to tell your child you’re getting separated

Parent and child sit at table with teacher

Bullies: What parents can do

Dealing with your child’s nightmares or sleepwalking

Tips for (big kid) tantrums 

That first-baby anxiety never really goes away 

Child sleeps in bed facing the camera and cuddling a stuffed animal

Healthy habits: Kids’ sleep

Father and daughter stand on the bathroom looking at each other as they brush their teeth

Healthy habits: Teeth brushing

Kid sits in the window, reading from an ipad with headphones in.

How much screen time is too much for a 10-year-old?

Child with headphones on lays in bed looking at ipad.

How much screen time is too much for a 7-year-old?

Child lays on ground on their stomach reading from an ipad.

How much screen time is too much for a 5-year-old?

Child sits in tub and parent washes their hair

Transitioning from bathtime to showertime

Mom and son snuggle on the couch, smiling.

Your guide to age ten

Nine year old sitting at a desk high fives a teacher passing by.

Your guide to age nine

Group of children smile with their arms around each other

Your guide to age eight

Child holds a basketball on the court

Your guide to age seven

little boy looks at a book while seated

Your guide to age five 

6 year old girl runs with backpack on while smiling

Your guide to age six