Preteens and teens

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RSV: What you need to know

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Substance Use Resources

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How to talk about periods

Your guide to age seventeen

Your guide to age sixteen

Your guide to age fifteen

Your guide to age fourteen

Your guide to age thirteen

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Your guide to age twelve

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Your guide to age eleven

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Different parenting styles? Start here

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How to talk to your kid about sex

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Fostering a lasting bond between siblings

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Should we go to couples therapy?

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Dealing with resentment in your relationship

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How to tackle complicated in-law relationships

Man and boy fist bump through a doorway.

When should I introduce my child to a new partner?

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Let’s talk money

Talking about birth control and safe sex

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Screens and safety monitoring

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Chores and helping out at home

5 Ways to help your child explore and celebrate their gender and sexuality

A kid and adult sit on the floor facing each other in conversation

How to talk to pre-teens about drugs and alcohol

5 Tips for talking to your middle schooler about dating

Transitioning from middle to high school 

Transitioning from elementary to middle school 

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When is it time for your child to talk to a therapist about disordered eating?

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How family meals can benefit your child’s relationship to food

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How to talk to your pediatrician about weight-inclusive care

Medical provider gives a boy a shot in his arm at a healthcare facility.

The HPV vaccine and why it’s so important

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Does my child have a learning disability?

Child sits on the couch facing an adult who is out of view

Could my child be autistic?

Child sits at desk with a pencil in hand looking out the window

Does my kid have ADHD?

Mental health in the age of social media 

Helping your child manage social anxiety 

All about your preteen or teen’s mental health

Helping your teen express frustration, sadness, anger 

Combatting your kid’s negative self-talk