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Talking to Baby

It takes a lot of patience to make it through 40 weeks of pregnancy because you can’t wait to meet Baby, and they can’t wait to meet you! But just because they are not in your arms yet doesn’t mean you two can’t begin to get acquainted! Whether you’re getting Baby used to your singing voice or teaching them Latin, talking to them may be beneficial once Baby is born.

How can talking to Baby help?

It’s difficult to study the effect that talking to Baby during pregnancy can have. Many healthcare providers and scientists believe babies can become accustomed to the sound of their parents’ voices in the womb. As a result, when born, they may respond better to familiar voices. In fact, one study conducted by a professor at the University of Washington suggests that babies might already be listening and remembering during the late stages of pregnancy. Talking to Baby may also help stir up the learning juices and make it easier for them to learn how to talk.

Fun things to say to Baby

If you’re having trouble getting started talking to Baby, here are some ideas for things you can talk about:

  • Talk to them like they are already born. Narrate your day-to-day routine or talk about your favorite podcast.
  • Respond to Baby’s kicks and movements to establish a pattern of dialogue
  • Singing them songs (or playing music) could get them to make connections with all kinds of emotions
  • Read Baby books, your own or one waiting for them in their library! Babies are exposed to many more words when books are involved.

Even if the research on talking to babies is unproven, it certainly can’t hurt. Whether it makes Baby into a super genius or simply familiarizes them with your voice, talking to them can be an invaluable tool for all parents-to-be and a fun way to start to feel more connected to your little one.

Read more
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