What if I have no morning sickness?

Pregnancy turns a lot of things in your life upside down – for example, it’s probably the first time in your life where it can worry you if you’re not feeling nauseous, or vomiting. Books and articles on pregnancy are so quick to tell moms-to-be that morning sickness is a normal part of a healthy pregnancy, though, that it’s easy to start to wonder if your pregnancy isn’t healthy if you’re not throwing up.

It’s believed that over 50% of moms do experience morning sickness – which means that a large number of moms who are carrying perfectly healthy babies don’t experience morning sickness at all. If you’re worried, feel free to consult with your healthcare provider about it, but if he or she says the pregnancy is doing well, chances are it is, whether or not you’re feeling particularly nauseous.

There is no evidence to suggest that not having morning sickness is a bad sign for your or your baby’s health – it just means that you don’t have morning sickness.

When morning sickness stops

If you’ve had morning sickness, and it stops abruptly, it can feel even more worrying than never having it at all. Generally, though, that’s pretty normal as well, especially if it happens sometime in the late first trimester. In certain cases however, a sudden stop in your pregnancy symptoms can indicate a miscarriage, so if you’re concerned, don’t hesitate to check in with your healthcare provider, but if your pregnancy has been healthy up to this point, you’re probably fine.

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