Staying healthy while pregnant

Staying healthy while pregnant is important for you and for baby. Here are some tips from Ovia to help you and baby stay happy and healthy.

pregnant woman eating

Food choices to help reduce your risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia

two pregnant people walking and talking while carrying hand weights

Exercising during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure or preeclampsia

A woman goes out for a run.

5 Things to Do to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Woman speaking intently with another woman

Substance Use Resources

Pregnant woman and man look at each other smiling with their hands on her baby bump.

Baby movement during pregnancy

Paxlovid while pregnant or breastfeeding

african american new born baby hand holding mom finger on white bed

Preterm birth: avoidable for you and your baby

Close-up Of Male Doctor Measuring Blood Pressure Of Pregnant Woman In Clinic

Why you should talk to your provider about blood pressure

Dear Ovia, How to deal with my mother-in-law?

Dear Ovia, Will we still have time for each other?

Dear Ovia, How to get my partner involved in baby preparations?

Breaking down BMI

woman practices yoga

Interested in prenatal yoga? Start here

Pregnant woman sits on yoga ball

Prenatal exercise & movement FAQ

Pregnant woman holds mug in one hand

Breast changes during pregnancy

Dietary considerations for a vegetarian pregnancy

Pregnant woman sits on the bed holding her stomach

Navigating pregnancy in a bigger body with a history of disordered eating

Pregnant woman holds stomach and looks at dog jumping on her lap

How to gain more weight during pregnancy

Pregnant woman with eyes closed reclines with headphones on

How to manage anxiety about labor and motherhood

Pregnant woman with headphones on looks at phone

How to take care of your mental health during pregnancy

Woman speaks with a provider

Managing your prenatal mental health if you’ve experienced a loss before

Pregnant woman holds her bump

How to cope with a challenging pregnancy

A pregnant woman drinks a cup of orange juice

The truth about food allergies and pregnancy

Doulas: Why it’s important to find one who really gets you

a woman lies on her back with her hand on her baby bump

What is perineal massage?

woman kneels on hands and knees on a yoga mat with eyes closed

What is the pelvic floor?

three people lie on yoga matts next to each other, their faces out of sight

Kegels: your guide to the pelvic floor exercise you’re always hearing about

Digital graphic of candle, someone sleeping, a yoga mat, and other items that help reduce stress.

Stressless Fest recap

Pastry chef, Lindsay and her family

Meet bake-at-home mom, Lindsay Morrison

Folate and folic acid during pregnancy

9 self-care essentials for today and every day

COVID-19, postpartum, and breastfeeding: Your questions answered

COVID-19, labor, and delivery: Your questions answered

COVID-19 and pregnancy: Your questions answered

How to survive pregnancy without caffeine

First trimester medical tests

Is pregnancy intercourse safe?

Women’s history through her healthcare

Women’s history through her healthcare

First trimester provider appointments

The comfort of crafting a birth plan

Image of a group of women cooking.

What you need to know about iron-deficiency anemia

A person sitting down by their laptop and using their phone.

Are there any complications of a molar pregnancy?

5 benefits of pregnancy sex

pregnant woman with headache

7 smart, safe strategies to help your pregnancy headaches

Odd (but common) pregnancy symptoms

doctor testing pregnant woman's blood pressure

Preeclampsia: what you need to know

pregnant woman standing on a scale

First trimester weight gain

pregnant woman sleeping

Sleep during pregnancy: The science behind those ZZZs

pregnant woman holding back and stomach

Abdominal aches and pains during pregnancy

pregnant woman cleaning counter

Hair dye, bug spray, house paint, and more: Just what’s safe?

Safe sex during pregnancy

pregnant woman measuring waist

When will I start showing?

Serious pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore

pregnant woman sleeping on side

When should I start sleeping on my side?

Pregnant woman sits on her bed smiling at her phone

Pregnancy symptoms: what you need to know

Body Positivity

How to be your own best advocate: in conversation with nutritionist Alyson Roux

pregnant woman reading

Excessive saliva when pregnant

happy pregnant couple

Maintaining healthy relationships

couple holding woman's pregnant stomach

Protruding navel when pregnant

Yeast infections during pregnancy

Rapid swelling during pregnancy

Heart palpitations


Total loss of vision

Burning after intercourse

Runny nose


Disrupted sleep

Facial hair

Hair loss

Blurred or double vision


Redness in the right leg when pregnant

Redness in the left leg when pregnant

Right leg swelling when pregnant

Left leg swelling when pregnant

Tenderness in the right calf when pregnant

Tenderness in the left calf when pregnant


Intense abdominal/pelvic cramping

Change in vaginal discharge

Intense lower backaches


Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy


Round ligament pain during pregnancy

Fever during pregnancy


Dark urine during pregnancy

Hot flashes during pregnancy

medical symbol

Increased sex drive during pregnancy

medical symbol

Decreased sex drive during pregnancy

medical symbol

Appetite decrease during pregnancy

medical symbol

Burning/painful urination during pregnancy

medical symbol

Hemorrhoids when pregnant

medical symbol

Shoulder pain when pregnant

medical symbol

Skin discolorations when pregnant

medical symbol

Mood swings when pregnant

medical symbol

Frequent urination when pregnant

medical symbol

Sciatica when pregnant

medical symbol

Heavy vaginal bleeding when pregnant

medical symbol

Dizziness when pregnant

medical symbol

Swollen lymph nodes when pregnant

medical symbol

Red rash when pregnant

medical symbol

Paleness when pregnant

medical symbol

Joint pain when pregnant

medical symbol

Infrequent urination when pregnant

medical symbol

Urinary incontinence during pregnancy

medical symbol

Uterine tenderness when pregnant

medical symbol

Increased thirst when pregnant

medical symbol

Vaginal irritation when pregnant

medical symbol

White vaginal discharge when pregnant

medical symbol

Green/yellow vaginal discharge when pregnant

medical symbol

Cold and flu symptoms when pregnant

medical symbol

Frequent infections when pregnant

medical symbol

Vomiting when pregnant

medical symbol

Vision changes when pregnant

medical symbol

Visible veins when pregnant

medical symbol

Varicose veins when pregnant

medical symbol

Vaginal discharge when pregnant

medical symbol

Postpartum vaginal bleeding/spotting

medical symbol

What you need to know about symphysis pubis dysfunction

medical symbol

Swelling when pregnant

medical symbol

Stretch marks when pregnant

medical symbol

Snoring when pregnant

medical symbol

Skin changes when pregnant

medical symbol

Shortness of breath when pregnant

medical symbol

When the water breaks: ruptured membranes

Restless leg syndrome when pregnant

medical symbol

Pelvic girdle pain when pregnant

medical symbol

Pelvic discomfort/pressure when pregnant

Numbness/tingling when pregnant

medical symbol

Nausea when pregnant

medical symbol

Nasal congestion when pregnant

medical symbol

Migraines when pregnant

Metallic taste when pregnant

medical symbol

Leaking breasts when pregnant

Increased energy when pregnant

Heightened sense of smell when pregnant

Headaches when pregnant

Forgetfulness when pregnant

medical symbol

Fainting when pregnant

medical symbol

Excessive sweating when pregnant

medical symbol

Edema (swollen feet and ankles) when pregnant

medical symbol

Diarrhea when pregnant

faded image of a woman on the toilet holding her stomach

Constipation during pregnancy

medical symbol

Cloudy or strong-smelling urine when pregnant

medical symbol

Breast pain when pregnant

medical symbol

Bloody show/passing of mucus plug when pregnant

medical symbol

Bloody nose when pregnant

medical symbol

Bloodshot eyes

Bloating when pregnant

medical symbol

Bleeding gums when pregnant

Aversions when pregnant

medical symbol

Acne during pregnancy

medical symbol

Abdominal/pelvic cramping when pregnant

medical symbol

Abdominal itchiness 

Morning sickness during pregnancy

child getting a shot at doctors office

Common childhood vaccines and the diseases they protect against

pregnant woman in rocking chair

Dealing with pregnancy insomnia

pregnant women doing workout

Tips to keep your workout going during pregnancy

women looks at pregnancy test

Telling family and friends about your pregnancy

Mocktails during pregnancy

sick pregnant woman

When is flu season?

pregnant woman holding stomach

Mindful pregnancy and delivery

pregnant woman at computer

OTC medications during pregnancy: everything you need to know

pregnant woman asleep in bed

Sleep during pregnancy: what you should know

pregnant woman walking with friend in park

Making new friends during pregnancy: mom group 101

Where you can find mental health support

pregnant woman eating in bed

Appetite increase when pregnant

pregnant woman in bed

Episiotomy: what is it?

couple kissing on a date

Relationships during pregnancy

Cups of coffee

Caffeine during pregnancy: What you need to know

expecting couple kissing

The couples’ guide to sex & intimacy during pregnancy

pregnant walking on phone

All about tracking with Ovia

woman getting nails done

Hair and nail care during pregnancy

doctor checking pregnant woman's stomach

Your dilating cervix: gateway to Baby

kissing pregnant couple

Sex during the third trimester

pregnant woman swimming

Swimming when pregnant

Why it’s more important than ever that your child be vaccinated

Woman dreaming in the night sky

Is that real? Vivid dreams when pregnant

Couple cuddling in bed

Sex during pregnancy

From lush locks to bald spots: the real deal on hair changes when pregnant and postpartum

pregnant woman napping

Fatigue and exhaustion when pregnant

expecting couple painting wall

Preparing for parenthood: getting your partner ready for baby

pregnant woman holding stomach

Flatulence when pregnant

friends touching pregnant woman's stomach

Responding to unwanted belly rubs

woman getting acupuncture

Acupuncture during pregnancy

pregnant woman gets blood pressure checked

Preeclampsia: how healthcare providers detect it

pregnant woman relaxing on couch

When not to exercise

pregnant woman sleeping on pillows

The best pregnancy sleeping positions

Woman, seated on couch, holds her bump and looks at a book

Second and third trimester weight gain

cranberry orange scones

Cranberry orange scones healthy pregnancy recipe

pregnant woman rubbing her feet

Swollen feet during pregnancy

pregnant woman eating fruit

Lowering your risk of gestational diabetes

almond joy avocado truffles

Almond joy avocado truffles healthy pregnancy recipe

peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

Salted almond chocolate chunk cookies healthy pregnancy recipe

roasted chipotle and lime chickpeas

Roasted chipotle and lime chickpeas healthy pregnancy recipe


Avocado, pomegranate, and jicama salad

curried carrot shorba

Curried carrot shorba healthy pregnancy recipe

sesame beef strips and stir fry

Sesame beef strips and stir fry healthy pregnancy recipe

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies healthy pregnancy recipe

Rules for pets during pregnancy