Packing for an outing with your toddler

All toddlers need adventure, but for parents, the process of determining what to pack for an outing can be almost as exhausting as the trip itself.

Since toddlers can be unpredictable, it’s important for parents to not only consider the essentials that will be needed for a trip, but also to expect the unexpected. It’s better to overpack than to have to cut an outing short because you ran out of supplies.

  • Diapers: Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose toddler potty trained early, but in most cases, diapers will be an essential item when venturing out with your little one. Think about the amount you typically change during the length of time you’ll be gone, then throw in a few more for good measure. If your toddler is potty trained, it’s still a good idea to pack up extra training pants or underwear to be ready in the event of an accident. Also, wipes – lots of wipes. Toddlers are messy in more ways than one. As an accessory to diapers and wipes, having a little hand sanitizer never hurt either.
  • Food and drink: Never underestimate the wrath of a hungry toddler. Keep yourself armed with easily transportable snacks, like fruit and vegetable pouches or crackers, as well as a spill-proof cup with water. If your trip is going to involve a visit to a restaurant, disposable placemats and bibs will be great additions to your bag.
  • Toys: Toddlers can be easily bored, so be sure to pack a variety of toys to keep Baby entertained. Their favorites are always a good bet, but a few less used ones could end up being the novelty you need to keep them entertained. No-mess coloring books and markers are a top pick for an outing where your toddler will be staying seated for an extended period of time.
  • Seasonal gear: If you’re heading out to the beach, don’t just toss in their bathing suit. Swim diapers, a hat, and sunblock are all good bets to keep your toddler protected in the warm weather. Venturing out to build a snowman? Don’t forget the snowsuit, hat, and mittens.
  • Your sense of humor: You can’t forget to bring this one. Outings with toddlers don’t always go just as planned, so be ready to roll with any messes or meltdowns that might occur while you’re out and about.  
Making a list the night before can help to ensure that you won’t forget any of the essentials while you’re on your way out the door. As long as you pack the right tools, you’ll be prepared to handle any surprises your toddler might throw your way. Happy trails!
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