Life as a new parent

Even if you planned for everything, life as a new parent will likely surprise you. Here are some things to keep in mind as you navigate the early stages.

Couple sits on couch in conversation

Dealing with resentment in your relationship

Paxlovid while pregnant or breastfeeding

Dear Ovia, How do I get my husband involved more with the baby

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

Couple in bed looks at phone together

Help! I want to have sex more than my partner does

couple reclines, women lifts baby over her head, man looks at her

4 Tips for navigating mismatched libidos, according to a sex educator

Couple sits up in bed; man looks at woman

Why is my libido low? 3 Common reasons for low sex drive 

Couple in bed laughs while looking at each other

What is libido? Plus the factors that can influence it

women lifts up baby to her face

Clogged or inflamed ducts

Dear Ovia, I’m responsible for all the infant care

Dear Ovia, I’m just not in the mood

Body image and bouncing forward with Taylor Bjorgum

A woman and man lean over their baby and smile

Why it’s important to track your physical symptoms postpartum

woman leans over her baby and smiles

Why it’s important to track your mood postpartum

Woman holds her baby and looks away from the camera

Your guide to postpartum healing

Best diapers of 2021

The best in diapers, wipes, and bags

best baby monitors and baby sleep products

The best in baby monitors and baby sleep products

the best baby gear

The best in baby gear

the best breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories

The best breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories

best baby bath and skin products

The best products in baby bath and skincare

best baby bottles, formula, and food of 2021

The best in baby bottles, formula, and food

best stroller

The best strollers

best car seats of 2021

The best car seats

view from over a woman's shoulder as her baby nurses

When your birth doesn’t go as planned

two men play with their son on the floor

Explaining gender and orientation to your child

two people sit on a couch under a blanket, the man points the remote control at a TV out of sight.

Vaginal intercourse after pregnancy: What to expect and how to make it better

A woman lies on her back on a pillow with her hands to the side and her feet pressed together

Postpartum urinary incontinence

woman kneels on hands and knees on a yoga mat with eyes closed

What is the pelvic floor?

woman on computer works at desk with her child

Not quite balance, but something like a seesaw: How I manage my time as a part-time stay-at-home mom and a part-time working mom

man holds baby in carrier, woman kisses baby

Understanding racial disparities in breastfeeding rates

Digital graphic of candle, someone sleeping, a yoga mat, and other items that help reduce stress.

Stressless Fest recap

Mom working with child on her lap

How perinatal mood & anxiety disorders might affect your return to work

Pumping image

Know your rights: Pumping at work

Maybe you don’t need playgroups, but you do need connection: Why I craved community when I was a lonely new parent

Resources for LGBTQ+ individuals

The best mental health resources for LGBTQ+ individuals

Raising a gender creative kid

Raising a gender creative kid

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

Happy Mother's Day

5 moms on what they really want for Mother’s Day

11 fun and easy ways to share quality time with your kids

5 ways your whole family can find some calm 

6 hilarious mom beauty hacks

6 hilarious mom mealtime hacks

child writing

11 Surprising skills children need to successfully learn to write

The nitty gritty: Emotional stress after giving birth

The early days: connecting with baby

Spring cleaning with little ones at home

Dear World: Please come back. But not exactly as you were

illustration of mother reading to baby

A new mom finds some everyday magic: How a children’s book character taught me patience

mom carrying toddler in carrier

How long can my toddler ride in a sling or backpack?

woman reading book

Taking time to take care of yourself as a single parent

women laughing

Staying close with your non-parent friends

toddler using sippy cup

How long should a toddler use a sippy cup?

toddler painting mess

Clean-up guide common for toddler messes

toddlers at nursery school

Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

toddler playing with blocks

Learning toys for your one-and-a-half year-old

Navigating parenting roles as LGBTQ parents

kids playing

Craft kits for traveling

mom working with baby

Navigating the workplace as a single parent

dads with newborn

Bonding with your baby as a non-genetic parent

woman and newborn

How breast milk changes as your baby grows

kids watching television

10 “old” TV shows to show your kids

women placing baby in rear-facing carseat

Rules for a long car ride with your baby

baby playing with toys

Educational toys every parent needs

dad playing with baby

Top 4 diapering dilemmas and their solutions

dad reading to baby

How early is too early to start baby’s education?

A baby napping on a schedule.

3 keys to napping

baby asleep in crib

What you should know about crib safety

mom holding baby

Daycare: how soon is too soon?

A dad soothing a crying newborn to represent what to do for a baby with colic.

Ways to stay sane with a colicky newborn

A newborn baby laying on bed to represent newborn hearing development.

Your newborn’s hearing in the first month

A woman burping baby to represent how to effectively burp your newborn.

Burping your baby

A woman with newborn.

7 things to expect after a vaginal delivery

Cost-savers for life with multiples

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

Childcare with multiples

A baby laying down.

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Weaning your toddler off the pacifier

When should I change bottle nipples?

Converting unexpected places into nursery space

Best books for babies

Breast milk storage basics

woman and boy on couch throwing ball

The moment I first felt like a parent: Reflections on my stepson, selflessness, and getting seasick in the Gulf of Mexico

illustration of woman's and child's handshake

Step one of stepparenting: meeting your soon-to-be child

Mom laughing with baby

Suddenly stepparent

Mom and son baking together

Stepmom: What’s in a name?

Mom cuddling baby

A way to remember it all: On fear, hope, and all the photos I took when my baby boy first got sick

How to manage working from home

Mom working with baby on her lap

How racism led one new mom to work from home 

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I couldn’t produce enough milk, but I am not a failure: What I wish I knew about breastfeeding when I was struggling to feed my babies 

A person laughing next to some purple flowers.

Your body and period after giving birth

Ovia Family Award Winners: Diapers, Wipes, & Bags

Ovia Family Award Winners: Nursery Furniture 

Ovia Family Award Winners: Baby Monitors

Ovia Family Award Winners: Family Cars

Ovia Family Award Winners: Pumps and Breastfeeding Accessories

Ovia Family Award Winners: Strollers 

Ovia Family Award Winners: Travel Systems 

Ovia Family Award Winners: Insurance Services

Ovia Family Award Winners: Vitamins & Health

When should you switch Baby to a sippy cup?

A person feeding their baby breast milk.

How long does pumped an stored breast milk stay fresh?

5 pumping tips for working moms

Breast pump cleaning guidelines

Continuing to breastfeed when going back to work

Why it’s normal to have complicated feelings about breastfeeding

How to find a supportive breastfeeding community

8 ways to prepare yourself for breastfeeding success

Lactation consultants: what they do and how they can help

Breast pain while breastfeeding: What’s normal and when to get help

10 interesting facts about breastfeeding

How often should a baby breastfeed?

Making sure your convertible car seat is installed correctly

Are we there yet? Fueling up for long car trips with a verbal toddler

Woman napping on couch

Some way, somehow, get some rest: What you can do to cope with sleep deprivation as a new parent 

Celebrate Pride all year long with these inclusive LGBTQ children’s books 

couple having a quiet moment embracing

5 ways to get some alone time with your partner

Mom and toddler video chatting with friends

Staying connected to your non-parent friends in the toddler years

Recognizing unsafe relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships

How friends and family can help out, even when apart

Staying connected with your partner

Your guide to working from home with kids

What work-life balance means right now 

How to actually get alone time when home with kids 

Helping your nonparent friends get to know your toddler

Flying with an almost-three-year-old

Adult vacations that are great for kids

Common daycare illnesses that sound scarier than they are

Should I make my child hug relatives?

Dining out without the stress 

Coping with daycare germs 

Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

Are big vacations with a toddler worth it?

Party planning with a toddler: The survival guide

Help! My toddler doesn’t want to come home from daycare

Topics to discuss with your sitter

Extended family networks and only-parents


Introducing your baby to family far away

Surprising places crawlers and early walkers can get into

Vacation ideas when you have a little one

Building your support system as a single parent


How to make healthy and cost-effective baby food

Finding friends for yourself


9 tips for bringing baby on a plane

Surviving public transit with a baby on board

Grocery shopping with your baby


How do I find a babysitter?

Comparing baby transport methods

One person teaching another how to hold a newborn baby.

Helping friends and family hold your newborn correctly

Washing your newborns’s clothes

Prioritizing intimacy when you have young children

Fun and games: Sidewalk chalk

Help! My toddler can reach the door handle

Should my toddler be dressing themselves?

Welcoming a new baby, and the emotions that come with it

Cutting your toddler’s hair at home

Does my toddler need to know anything before Pre-K?

Things that should still be toddler-proofed

Daycare vs. preschool vs. pre-K

Tykes and trikes

Connecting an adopted child with an adoption mentor

Can a single parent ever really have a moment alone?

Dealing with intrusive questions about your child’s adoption

What is post-adoption depression?

How is raising an adopted baby or child different?

Talking to older children about a younger sibling’s adoption

Why single parents are pretty much superheroes

6 funny parenting accounts you need to follow on Instagram

Telltale trouble-signs for a daycare center

When, how, and why I started working on numbers with my son

Making your own family’s traditions

What to do when baby figures out how to take off their diaper


6 parenting truths you might have learned in the first year

“So, what does it do?”: helping family and friends bond with your baby

A person holding their newborn baby's soft spot.

Why does my newborn have a soft spot?

A child care center.

What to look for in a child care center


The new parent’s cheat sheet

A toilet to represent using bathroom after a vaginal delivery

Vaginal delivery and that first bathroom trip

A toddler self-dressing timeline

Great toys and games for your two-and-a-half-year-old

Long car trips with your mobile toddler

When should I start looking for a preschool?

Talking to your child about a new sibling-to-be

Different preschool philosophies

Introducing your toddler to adult dishes

Socializing to prepare for preschool

Pieces of home to take on an overnight trip

When your child and your friend’s child don’t get along

Your toddler’s sudden hatred of the car seat

Help, my toddler hates haircuts!

How putting my son in daycare has made me a better mom

Traveling with your toddler

5 routines to work into your toddler’s week

When should children dress themselves?

When can a child be reasonably expected to learn to read?

Leaving an angsty toddler with the sitter

On the go: Tricks for getting your toddler out the door in a hurry

Clothes shopping with your growing toddler

Nudity at home

Can my toddler wear nail polish?