Emotions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every expectant mom, but can also be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Even though emotions can be unpredictable, tracking them throughout pregnancy can be a great way to understand your body better and really take charge of your pregnancy.

What is emotions tracking?

Emotions tracking is the process of recording your emotions over a certain span, in this case, the nine months of pregnancy. Tracking emotions can help women better understand how certain moods may correlate with other factors, like activity, nutrition, and sleep.

Why track emotions?

Tracking your emotions is a highly effective way to really figure out just what is happening in your body, and why certain other factors can elicit a particular emotional response, allowing you to better understand your pregnancy moods, and hopefully have a healthier pregnancy altogether. Tracking your emotions can also help you, your partner, or your healthcare provider determine when everything might not be going so smoothly for you and if you may need help.

How do you track emotions?

Ovia allows you to enter your moods directly into your account for any given day – following, Ovia will analyze your moods and alert you if it is entirely clear that something may be wrong.

Mental health is not something to play lightly with, particularly not during pregnancy or the postpartum period, so tracking your emotions can be a great way to help you feel your best and make sure that all is well. You should let your healthcare provider know if you are having a hard time taking care of yourself or going about your daily routine.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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