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Emotional wellbeing during pregnancy

Fill in the blank: Being pregnant makes me feel ________. It’s tough, right? The term “emotional rollercoaster” may never be more applicable than the 9 months when Baby is taking up prime real estate in your uterus. Everyone tends to joke about mood swings and pregnant women switching from crying to laughing mid-sentence, but the truth is that your hormones can make people feel a little funny. You’ve got more hormones swirling around during pregnancy that might make those dreaded emotional breakdowns more frequent, and sometimes it could feel like you’re trapped in a body that isn’t yours.

Here at Ovia, we want to make sure you are healthy during your pregnancy both physically and emotionally. We accomplish that in part by tracking your symptoms and giving you suggestions to help you feel your best. But you might need to talk with a professional if you think you’re experiencing prolonged depression, which occurs in about 10% of pregnant women. You can also rely on your partner if you need to whine, vent, or even scream.

The tough thing about pregnancy is that you’re worried about your past, present and future. Did I exercise enough last week? Should I eat this ice cream? (Yes.) What will I do when my water breaks? Sometimes it seems like the worries never stop. But it’s your job to make sure you’re doing what’s necessary to keep your anxiety under control.

Staying calm during pregnancy has a strong correlation with a healthy blood pressure, low risk of infection, and fewer problems for a child later in life. Harboring positive energy releases healthy enzymes and hormones that help Baby thrive in the womb. Always keep in mind that your emotional and physical health are strongly connected, and your own happiness is directly related to Baby’s!

Most importantly, don’t bottle it up. Whether your partner, healthcare provider, family, or friends, there’s somebody in your life who can help you at times when you’re feeling down. Even though your body is going through all the changes, pregnancy can be like a group effort since many people are invested in your and Baby’s wellbeing.

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