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When should I stop using baby shampoo?

When should I stop using baby shampoo?

We’ve all experienced that special burn that you only get when shampoo runs into your eyes during a shower. One minute you’re singing off-key and massaging the shampoo into your scalp, and the next, your eyes are burning with the heat of a thousand hot sauce flavors. It’s shocking and unpleasant in the absolute worst way. And it might make you nervous about switching Baby from no-tears baby shampoo to a different kind. 

For now, Baby is probably enjoying the no-tears baby shampoo. But as Baby becomes less of a baby, when is the best time to leave it behind? There is really no right answer, but there are a few factors you will probably want to consider.

Can Baby tilt their head back, and close their eyes on command? 

These are pretty important skills for Baby to know in the fight against soapy eyes! If Baby can’t yet do either of these things, it will be in your and their best interest to stick with no-tears shampoo for the time being.

How thick or long is Baby’s hair?

Some toddlers at this age are already sporting a full head of hair. Others barely have a combover. Baby shampoo isn’t exactly designed to nourish luscious locks, so if Baby has long, curly, or thick hair, it might make sense to want to switch to adult shampoo earlier in their toddlerhood.

Also, how dry is Baby’s hair? Baby shampoo does irritate some children’s scalp and hair, so if you see dryness or irritation, you probably want to stop using baby shampoo. Basically, the point when you start to notice the baby shampoo not doing quite a good enough job keeping Baby’s hair clean may be a good point to start thinking about making the switch.

What’s Baby’s preference?

Some toddlers love the smell of baby shampoo, whereas others might scream when they’re called a baby. If Baby leans a certain way in regards to their hair-washing preferences, that’s something to consider too.

There’s really no right or wrong timeline with baby shampoo. Some adults still use it when they’re out of their own adult shampoo! Don’t feel pressured to make the switch right away, because at the end of the day it’s up to you and Baby.

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