Raising baby

Raising a baby is different for everyone. You have to find what is the best for you and your family!

Having a baby when you have older kids is actually incredible

Dear Ovia, How do I get my husband involved more with the baby

How to help your child get comfortable wearing a mask 

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

Baby eats from a spoon

Is your baby ready for solids? Top 7 signs to look for

the best breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories

The best breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories

best baby bath and skin products

The best products in baby bath and skincare

best baby bottles, formula, and food of 2021

The best in baby bottles, formula, and food

best stroller

The best strollers

best car seats of 2021

The best car seats

two men play with their son on the floor

Explaining gender and orientation to your child

How much is too much? How my family finally found balance with my daughter’s extracurricular activities

Too many extracurricular activities: Tips for how to find balance and figure out what’s best for your child

Raising a gender creative kid

Raising a gender creative kid

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

11 fun and easy ways to share quality time with your kids

6 hilarious mom mealtime hacks

COVID-19 and pediatrics: Your questions answered

Spring cleaning with little ones at home

Dear World: Please come back. But not exactly as you were

illustration of mother reading to baby

A new mom finds some everyday magic: How a children’s book character taught me patience

mom carrying toddler in carrier

How long can my toddler ride in a sling or backpack?

mom and toddler playing

Clingy behaviors in toddlers

baby with mom

Helping baby reach milestones

toddler and mom dancing

Not quite the foxtrot: Dancing games for toddlers

adults having fun singing

Toddlers and grown-up parties

dad with toddler on tricycle

Talking to your toddler about street safety

toddler on tricycle

Tricycle-riding hot spots for city-dwelling tots

mom and toddler cooking

Surviving cooking with kids

mom and toddler making cookies

Indoor activities for a snow day

toddler with baby sibling

How will I introduce the idea of a sibling to a toddler?

mom and toddler singing

The benefits of singing with your toddler

toddler playing in puddles

Rainy day activities that won’t wreck your home

toddler on swing set

Getting a reluctant toddler to enjoy playing outside

toddler with headphones

Do they have to listen to kids’ music?

toddler dressed up

Your toddler’s unique dress sense

toddler running on couch

When your toddler likes to run off

moms with toddlers socializing

Getting along with your toddler’s friends’ parents

toddler and mom

How involved is too involved?

toddler on dads shoulders

Why praise shouldn’t be demonized

toddler inspecting nature while hiking

Hiking with your toddler

toddler playing with toy cars

Fun and games: City planning

toddler playing with blocks

Learning toys for your one-and-a-half year-old

mom kissing baby's feet

Fun and games: This little piggy gets creative

baby and dad playing drums

Your toddler the performer

group of parents playing with children

Dealing with other people parenting your kids

toddler and mom with dogs

Your toddler and other people’s pets

toddler in bath

When should I stop using baby shampoo?

toddler banging on pots and pans

5 simple household objects that double as toddler toys

baby with toys in bathtub

Fun and games: toys for bath time

mom taking selfie with baby

Thinking carefully about social media sharing

babies and bubbles

Fun and games: Blowing bubbles

baby clapping

Fun and games: patty cake and other clapping games

mom soothing baby

Why do babies like lullabies so much?

Navigating parenting roles as LGBTQ parents

moms with baby

Do children need role models besides their parents?

kids watching television

10 “old” TV shows to show your kids

toddlers reaching for door

Keeping your home safe for a toddler

women placing baby in rear-facing carseat

Rules for a long car ride with your baby

baby with cat

Helping baby play nice with pets

happy parents with baby

3 things you won’t realize until your baby is older

happy couple with baby

8 things we can learn from our babies

baby chewing on toys

10 things to keep out of baby’s mouth

parents out with baby

5 scrapbook-worthy new-parenting milestones

baby with book

Benefits of reading to your baby

dad playing with baby

Top 4 diapering dilemmas and their solutions

A baby in bath tub.

When can I move baby to the big tub?

mom and baby

Should I put baby on a schedule?

baby with pacifier

Should I give my baby a pacifier?

baby in car seat in car

7 car seat rules for a smooth ride

baby getting nails trimmed

Trimming baby’s nails

A baby smiling on floor.

Why do babies need to stay active?

baby getting bath

8 keys to bathtime safety

baby looking at mobile

Pros and cons of mobiles

baby asleep in crib

What you should know about crib safety

baby playing with toy

Tips for playing safely with baby

A dad soothing a crying newborn to represent what to do for a baby with colic.

Ways to stay sane with a colicky newborn

A couple running with baby to represent exercise while breast feeding.

Is it safe to exercise while breastfeeding?

A newborn baby laying on bed to represent newborn hearing development.

Your newborn’s hearing in the first month

A baby sleeping on back.

Baby’s sleep position

A couple traveling with their newborn in a stroller.

8 must-packs for an outing with your newborn

A baby getting bath.

Washing your newborn with a sponge

What should I put in a newborn’s crib?

A person breastfeeding a newborn.

Newborn feeding times

Toddlers and gendered toys

Can you spoil a baby? Image here is of a baby wearing a crown and holding a scepter to represent this question.

Spoiling your newborn

Cost-savers for life with multiples

Practical tips for how to juggle working from home and caring for a young child

How to help your child get comfortable wearing a mask 

“You’re such a good dad”: the very nice compliment that makes me feel like a fraud

A baby laying down.

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Setting boundaries with your verbal toddler

Toddler-proofing your devices

Silly songs to sing with your toddler

Levels of supervision as your toddler gets older

Handling a swearing toddler

Fun and games: Rolling a ball


What is a baby massage?

toddler repeating speech bubble

Repeat after me, or on second thought, don’t: Teach your children well, but maybe not to swear just yet

father with toddler daughter at the playground

Stranger in a strange land: What it’s like to be the only dad on the playground

Mom and daugther doing yoga

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: How I model healthy habits for my own children so they won’t worry like I do

parent and child kneading dough

Dad does the cooking: One father on the benefits of giving up stereotypical gender roles

Mom cuddling baby

A way to remember it all: On fear, hope, and all the photos I took when my baby boy first got sick

Father and daughter

“When she thought I was a superhero”: On crappy art projects, our kids’ pride in their work, and how they’re always getting bigger 


Boys will be boys: What it might mean to raise my son to be a good man, and brother, and person

Dad and kids

Wellfleet oysters and chicken nuggets: On patience and teaching children to be adventurous eaters

Dad playing with child

What we might share, and what might surprise us: My hope that my children will someday share my love of sports, and making peace with the idea that they might not

Activities for sick days with a toddler

Ovia Family Award Winners: Travel Systems 

Celebrate Pride all year long with these inclusive LGBTQ children’s books 

Splish splash: outdoor water activities for toddlers in the summer

How to talk to your child about race and racism

Talking to your verbal toddler about safety

Suggested immunization schedule for your baby’s second year and onward through early childhood

Fun and games: Day at the museum

Activities for mixed-age parties

Helping your nonparent friends get to know your toddler

The guest list for your toddler’s third birthday party

Adult vacations that are great for kids

Dining out without the stress 

Party planning with a toddler: The survival guide

Birthday party etiquette

Playground safety rules for your toddler


Playground manners for both baby and you

Extended family networks and only-parents

Safety rules for baby’s first time playing on the playground


Should babies take swimming lessons?

Surprising places crawlers and early walkers can get into


5 reasons to do a parent-baby music class

Hosting a stress-free party


Sleep training 101

Instant hit gifts for toddler birthday parties


6 tips for taking baby to a restaurant


What is BPA? Should I be concerned?

Building your support system as a single parent


9 tips for bringing baby on a plane

Surviving public transit with a baby on board

Grocery shopping with your baby

A newborn playing with toys.

When can I start introducing toys?

Comparing baby transport methods

One person teaching another how to hold a newborn baby.

Helping friends and family hold your newborn correctly

Talking to your toddler about the connection between meat and animals

Washing your newborns’s clothes

Source: Melissa and Doug

Why do some toddlers hate having their hair washed?

Hiding while pooping: A step towards potty training

Fun and games: Sorting by color

When can I stop worrying about choking hazards with food?

Setting limits in the third year

Things to consider when taking pictures of your children

Fun and games: Sidewalk chalk

Help! My toddler can reach the door handle

Fun games for your two-year-old

Should my toddler be dressing themselves?

Modifying behavior without being mean

Cavities in baby teeth

Does my toddler need more exercise?

Cutting your toddler’s hair at home

Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

Activities for your toddler’s third birthday

Outdoor safety for toddlers

Things that should still be toddler-proofed

Monitoring your toddler’s screentime

Tykes and trikes

Letting your toddler win

Connecting an adopted child with an adoption mentor

Can a single parent ever really have a moment alone?

Figuring out which rules to make and enforce with a toddler

What if I started potty training too early?

Enforcing screen time with toddlers

Storybook guidelines for almost-three-year-olds

How is raising an adopted baby or child different?

Talking to older children about a younger sibling’s adoption

When you and your toddler don’t see eye-to-eye


Father’s Day when no one is ‘the dad’

Thorough tooth brushing in the third year

Interpreting your toddler’s art


The Coke vs. Pepsi of new parenthood: know your “mommy wars” topics

The importance of sensory play


6 parenting truths you might have learned in the first year

A person holding their newborn baby's soft spot.

Why does my newborn have a soft spot?

A child care center.

What to look for in a child care center


The new parent’s cheat sheet

A person holding their crying baby wondering how to get the baby to sleep through the night.

Tips to encourage uninterrupted sleep in your newborn

A baby grasping their parent's finger as part of their many reflexes.

Your newborn’s reflexes

Your toddler’s relationship with your pets

Helping siblings bond and cut down on conflict

Building quality time into your everyday routines

When can children start playing sports?

7 ways to encourage kids to help clean up

Potty training: What to do when regression hits

If toddlers watch TV…what should they watch?

Your toddler’s sense of style

Raising responsible children

Toddler shower safety

Gifts you can make with your toddler

Outdoor safety hazards

Hair washing battles and your toddler

Educating your child about the internet

Potty training pitfalls