Adult vacations that are great for kids

Gone are the days when you could pack up and set off on a whim, but welcoming children into the world doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring it. Sure, you may spend more time blocking out the sun than soaking it up, but traveling with tots can still be a blast. Here are some vacation ideas the whole family is sure to adore.


Hitting the beach is a popular vacation idea for all ages – toddlers included. At this age, Baby will love digging in the sand (and maybe taking a bite, too), as well as splashing in the waves. Granted you may spend less time with your toes in the sand and more time brushing it off everything you brought, but watching Baby play is part of the fun. Beaches make for great day trips or longer getaways. If it’s an option, renting a house near the water is a great alternative to a hotel, since you can save money by preparing meals in your own kitchen, and Baby gets more room to run around.


Cruises are a big hit with parents because of the number of events and activities to be found in just one location. Most cruise lines offer child-friendly activities like shows and movies, and ships that are geared specifically toward children will also feature familiar characters who are around for meet and greets. Since cruises offer what is essentially constant entertainment during all waking hours, it’s unlikely that Baby will end up bored onboard. Another reason parents love cruises is that childcare is often available (for an extra fee). You’re entitled to some adult fun, too!

Theme parks

This one goes without saying, but theme parks are like Las Vegas for kids. If you have older children, this destination is a great choice for the range of ages, as there are rides for all. Baby will enjoy the tastes, sights, and sounds (and may even manage a nap in the stroller). If you do some research before you venture out, you’ll be able to make sure there are rides and activities geared toward younger tikes. Choosing off-peak times to visit, if you can, will help you both spend less time in line and more time having fun.

If you’re a travel lover, there’s no need to check your luggage until Baby gets older. You’ll probably find that you’ve become an overpacker since adding a toddler to your carry-ons, but it’s worth the price to see the smile on their face as they take in a new experience. Time it right, plan ahead, and you’re all sure to have a blast on your next excursion!

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