Great haircuts for your little one

It’s difficult to say whether those first few haircuts are harder on the child or the parents. Whether Baby’s hair has become too uneven or just too unruly, the time eventually comes to take them in for their first cut: tears optional.

Here are some tips for helping Baby cope with having their hair trimmed, as well as a list of super cute cuts that will make them the envy of the playground!

Snip tips

Toddlers can be a little unpredictable (say it ain’t so), and there’s no telling what their reactions may be to new experiences. It’s best to come prepared with some ideas of how you’re going to manage Baby‘s reaction.

  • Bring a distraction: A favorite toy or book can come in handy in keeping their mind at ease during the cut.
  • Enlist a support team: The more people they know in the room, the more relaxed they could feel.
  • Consider a salon for kids: The cut may be a bit pricier, but there are some bells and whistles to keep Baby happy, too. Another bonus? The stylists are used to working with moving targets.

Cuts for girls

  • Bob: The little girl with a bob cut always looks stylish and sophisticated – even while eating dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. This haircut is easy to manage and versatile. Go for a blunt bob, or have some fun with an asymmetrical cut.
  • Layers: Have a curly cutie? Play it up with some layers, which will add movement and texture to the hair.
  • Bangs: Not ready to cut off any length, but need some style? Try adding bangs. Short, long. Blunt, fringe. Bangs will be the perfect complement to her perfect face!

Cuts for boys

  • Fauxhawk: A fun twist on the Mohawk, this style plays up the hair in front, making it stand up and stand out.
  • Buzzcut: For the little guy who’s on the go, a buzz cut is a great choice to keep him looking and feeling cool!
  • Long and shaggy: If he needs a trim but you love the length, don’t feel pressure to lob it all off just yet. The long, shaggy look is great for kids with big curls. And after all, who wants to cut those off?

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