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8 weeks pregnant

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At eight weeks pregnant, Baby is dancing up a storm and won’t be an embryo for much longer!

How’s Baby?

Baby is in their last few days of being an embryo, which means that the brand new, teeny tiny internal organs and systems under their see-through skin are almost all formed, though they’ll continue to develop over the next several months. That tail is also celebrating its last hurrah and will soon disappear completely. Baby’s webbed fingers and toes are poking out from their little limbs, which are growing longer every day. And your little one’s facial features are becoming more prominent, as their lips, nose, and eyelids look increasingly human-like. Your strawberry-sized bundle of joy is also moving around like crazy, although you almost certainly cannot feel it. Baby’s head, still tiny compared to yours but large in proportion to the rest of their body, now makes up half their total body weight!

What’s new with you?

If you’re noticing new growth in your midsection, it may not be a baby bump just yet. At this point, it’s probably just water retention. While you might not be showing yet, your uterus has already started growing, and that growth is only going to speed up in the coming weeks!

If you haven’t experienced any morning sickness yet, there’s a good chance you’re not going to — lucky you! And if you’ve been experiencing cravings, you’re not alone. Many pregnant folks experience cravings during pregnancy. Cravings are a lot like aversions in that we don’t know exactly what causes them, though it seems likely that it’s got something to do with all the hormones coursing through your body. One theory is that cravings point out nutrients you need more of in your life. Cravings probably also have as much to do with your need for stress relief or your heightened sense of smell as they do with anything else. Keep in mind that cravings are not your enemy — they’re a normal part of pregnancy. So whether you’re craving spicy sweet potatoes or caramel ice cream, an oat milk latte or pan-fried tilapia, if you want to follow through on those cravings, know that it’s okay to do so. (Though if you’re craving non-food items, like dirt or paint, be sure to speak to your healthcare provider, as you may be experiencing something called pica.) Remember that when it comes to your diet, it’s really all about doing your best during this tricky phase.

But if eating is a struggle right now and you’re feeling rather nauseous — and for many folks, morning sickness can be rather rough at this time — try sucking on sour candy, sipping flavored water or switching to a chewable prenatal vitamin. You might also consider eating smaller meals while increasing the number of times you eat throughout the day, also called grazing. And if your morning sickness is really disrupting your life or you are concerned about dehydration, speak to your provider.

If you don’t typically engage in physical activity or just haven’t been feeling up to it recently, you may want to see if you can do a half hour of light exercise or some gentle movement each day. Doing some movement that you feel good about can help you feel much better overall.

Lastly, your first OB provider appointment may have occurred or is coming right up. Early and consistent prenatal care is one of the best ways to stay healthy, so way to go! If your provider hasn’t mentioned it yet, you may want to start thinking about genetic testing. As early as 9 weeks along, you may elect to do non-invasive pregnancy testing (NIPT) to screen for certain chromosome differences and find out your baby’s sex.

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