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Abdominal itchiness 

Abdominal itchiness is the sensation of itchy irritated skin around your abdomen.

What causes it?

Your skin stretching causes your abdominal itching. As Baby grows, your skin is trying to keep up with your expanding uterus. This is more likely to happen in the second and third trimester when you have the most growth.


Scratching is the number one no-no in terms of relief. When the irritated skin is scratched, more irritation can occur. This can lead to even more itching, or even worse, a skin infection. Instead of scratching for relief, try applying a moisturizer to the area. Lotions made to curb itching, like calamine lotion, can also bring relief.

Soaking in a lukewarm bath with oatmeal and applying shea butter or coconut oil to damp skin are natural home remedies known to curb irritation. Increasing water intake can also help to fight off dry skin, which may be a secondary cause of the irritation. If dry skin is the culprit, try using a humidifier in the home to increase air moisture. 

Even though most itching is a normal part of pregnancy, you should let your healthcare provider know about it. They’ll want to know when it started, where you’re itching, and if you have any rashes or hives. Sometimes itching can be associated with more serious conditions, like PUPPS and cholestasis, which require monitoring and treatment.

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