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Abdominal/pelvic cramping when pregnant

Just because your period is taking a nine-month break, doesn’t mean some familiar symptoms might not stick around. Abdominal cramping is usually a dull ache or pain that can occur at any time during pregnancy.

What causes it?

Some abdominal cramping during pregnancy is a result of your growing womb applying pressure to the muscles and ligaments surrounding it and stretching them out. This is also known as round ligament pain. Other forms of abdominal cramping can happen as a result of the contraction of uterine muscles as the uterus grows. As pregnancy goes on, abdominal cramps that persist or go in waves, especially in conjunction with other warning signs, can be a sign of preterm labor.


Cramps might happen when you change positions or are physically exerting yourself a great deal. Try taking a warm bath to relax the achy areas. Symptoms like cramping are very common simply due to the growing baby in your womb. They will stop after you give birth.

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