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Acne during pregnancy

As hard as you try to forget about middle school, sometimes it’s difficult to shake. Acne can make a surprise return during pregnancy, and though it’s not one of the more common symptoms, it is directly attributable to pregnancy in many cases.

What causes it?

What else would make a weird, non-womb related symptom like acne occur while you’re pregnant? Surging levels of hormones are to blame, and they can increase the amount of oils in your face, which can lead to pimples and acne, even if you haven’t had a breakout in years.


Washing your face daily with a gentle, oil-free acne wash can help prevent acne during pregnancy, and is the best treatment for it. Some anti-acne drugs like Accutane are dangerous for babies, so it’s important to ask your healthcare provider about any medication you want to take. But if you are patient, hormonal conditions like acne will probably go away after you give birth.

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