Bloating when pregnant

If you aren’t familiar with bloating already, it is a condition where your digestive tract can fill with gas or fluid and can lead to discomfort and pressure. During pregnancy, bloating will usually affect the abdominal area. It is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and generally affects women in the first trimester.

What causes it?

Progesterone, of course! Progesterone slows your entire digestive system as it smoothes out your muscles in preparation for delivery. This can make excess gas and fluid build up in your abdominal area, which may make you feel like a helium balloon.


Try to keep your digestive system running as efficiently as possible by eating lots of fiber and drinking plenty of water. The best way to prevent symptoms like bloating during pregnancy is simply by eating smart and providing your body with fresher fuels instead of fatty, processed treats that are more difficult to digest.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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