Fun and games: Rolling a ball

Sometimes it’s the smallest activities that are the most fun, but you already knew that from having a little one, right? Well, when it comes to playing, Baby probably agrees with you, at this point. Rolling a ball back and forth may seem a little tame compared to, say, shooting baskets, but just rolling a ball back and forth is actually a great way to engage Baby’s body and brain, and to teach them new concepts and motor skills.

You can start by sitting close to Baby on the floor, with their legs spread slightly apart for balance. Next, roll the ball to them, and encourage them to push it back to you. Once Baby starts to get the hang of it, you can make it a little harder by gradually moving a little further away from them, so that they have to push the ball further to reach you.

Playing pass with a rolling ball isn’t just fun for the whole family, though. As the two of you play, Baby will work on their gross motor skills by physically pushing the ball harder each time to reach you, and by aiming it your way. They will also concentrate and focus, but, perhaps most importantly of all, passing a ball back and forth like this, and working towards a common goal, might be their first introduction to the idea of sharing, and of playing together, instead of just having an adult playing along with them.

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