Fun and games: Modeling compounds

Between the bright colors and the endless possibilities for building, playdough, modeling clay, magic sand, and other modeling compounds are an easy hit with a huge number of toddlers. Modeling compounds like these can be lots of fun, both for Baby and for you, but they can also be a great way for her to learn and explore.

As you’re playing with Baby, you can help her work on learning colors by asking her what color she wants to use – whether she responds verbally or by pointing, she is still reinforcing her color knowledge. Modeling compounds like these are also great for modeling shapes, and for working on proportions. It’s also a great outlet for imaginative play.

As for physical skills that Baby can exercise, using tools like plastic knives, cookie cutters, and rollers can all build strength and dexterity in her hands that she can use for things like holding a pencil, or using a knife and fork at the dinner table.

As an extra bonus, you and Baby can make a homemade version of most types of modeling compound on your own, if you’re feeling crafty – all it may take is a quick online search for a recipe, a grocery store run, and some arts-and-crafts-ey fun before the two of you have your very own creation on your hands.

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