Redness in the right leg when pregnant

Redness in the right leg is when part or all of the right leg looks different and redder in color.

What causes it?

Swelling, especially of the legs, is normal in pregnancy. However, leg redness in pregnancy may be associated with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a type of blood clot that pregnant women are particularly susceptible to. This condition happens more commonly in the left leg as compared to the right leg, but it can happen in the right leg.


If you notice swelling and redness in your right leg, you should call your healthcare provider right away. He or she can perform a physical examination and potentially perform other diagnostic tests, as well as ask you questions to determine the cause of these symptoms. If it is determined that a woman has DVT, her provider may prescribe her medication to treat the blood clot and to prevent any future blood complications.

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