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Fun and games: toys for bath time

Fun and games: Bathtime for toys

It might be a routine part of your day, but bathtime is as good an opportunity as any to have fun with Baby. Even if Baby loves the water right now, it’s good to stock up on a couple bathtime toys. After all, toddlers change their minds faster than parents can say, “but you used to love taking baths!” 

While Baby is this age, some tub-friendly options include any of the following.

  • Suction toys: Toddlers like sticking these on the bathtub walls, and then ripping them off.
  • Floating toys: Bathtime is the rare occasion where things will float right in front of Baby‘s eyes.
  • Bath drops: Kid-friendly bath drops might fizzle or cause the water to change colors.
  • Waterproof books: They don’t make these for adults, unfortunately, but you could definitely find some waterproof books about bath time for toddlers.
  • Foam letters and shapes: They float in the water, and eventually you and Baby can use them to spell words.
  • Miscellaneous: There are a lot of other bath toys out there. Some random toys include toy fishing poles, animals that lose their spots when they’re in warm water, or wheels that Baby can spin that land on parts of the body to scrub. 

It’s important that bathtime is both super fun and super safe, so no matter what great toys you get for Baby, don’t feel bad about taking them away if they are misbehaving while in the tub. You can let Baby have the (very fun) toys again once they follow the bathtime rules that you have established.

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