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Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

Why is it the case that having a child exponentially increases the number of gifts you have to buy at the end of the year? Baby is the greatest gift of all, so it’s totally worth it, but it can be tough to come up with present ideas for all of the wonderful people they have brought into your life. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your favorite childcare worker, look no further.


Everybody has a favorite treat. Chances are, your babysitter, nanny, or daycare instructor will melt over a gift of fudge, cookies, candy, or even a fancy fruit. Tack a little note from Baby on there, and you’re golden! This might also be a good opportunity to show them that you pay attention to their food preferences and allergies. If you want to go a little bigger with your gift, you could even take them out to a nice dinner or give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.


Your childcare helper loves spending time with Baby of course, but they probably have a couple other favorite activities. You could encourage them to have a fun, relaxing day off with a gift card to a spa, a voucher for movie tickets, tickets to a show or concert, or passes to a park or museum.

Childcare accessories

Very few caretakers feel whole in the morning without a little bit of caffeine. For the childcare worker in your life, consider gifting a coffee mug, travel cup, or Starbucks gift card. Yes, it always comes back to the gift cards. If they have the keys to your home, you could give them a special #1 Babysitter keychain, leave a few of their favorite snacks or meals in your pantry, or some nice candles to light after a long day chasing your little one around. In fact, maybe pick up a few candles for yourself.

Personal touches

At the end of the day, the best gift is the one that shows how well you’ve come to know each other! Personal gifts that are tailored to their taste are always a good bet, and if you’re having trouble coming up with a personalized gift, you can always fall back on the biggest thing you have in common – Baby! You can collaborate with Baby to make them a special piece of art, give them a tote bag to stash some toys in, or frame a picture of your precious little one. Of course, in a pinch, bath salts and lotion are always a pretty safe bet. It’s the thought that counts, and look at you – you’re already thinking about it!

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