Headaches when pregnant

Headaches are another symptom that only you can diagnose, and they are perfectly normal and highly common during pregnancy. Most headaches during pregnancy are totally expected and harmless, but if the frequency or intensity of your headaches increase or if you have a headache with other symptoms, it is important to get medical care right away, as in rare cases headaches could also be symptomatic of some more serious conditions like anemia and toxoplasmosis.

What causes it?

Mild headaches that come with pregnancy could be attributed to a number of factors, including low blood sugar, sleep deprivation, surging hormones, dehydration, and stress. Most moms report their headaches tapering off as the first trimester ends, when their bodies are more ably adjusted to their new hormone levels, but they are still common throughout pregnancy.


Many medications may be not be great to take during pregnancy (but acetaminophen is usually okay), so you should talk to your healthcare provider before deciding on a course to treat your headaches. Because of this, you may want to manage your headaches more naturally. Getting more sleep, eating healthy foods at regular intervals, staying well hydrated, and regular exercise as recommended by your healthcare provider are good ways to treat and prevent headaches.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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