Increased energy when pregnant

Although fatigue is a more common symptom of pregnancy, some expectant moms report feeling great boosts of energy towards the end of the third trimester. Many women who do not experience outright increases in energy may still notice a heightened sex drive during all, or some parts of their pregnancy. In addition, because pregnancy fatigue is so common during the first trimester, women may notice a relative increase in energy during the second trimester as you exert less energy in building the placenta.

What causes it?

Surging hormones are the most likely cause for an increased sex drive throughout pregnancy, and also explain the elevated energy levels towards the end of gestation, as a surge in adrenaline towards the end of pregnancy is likely. Besides biological factors, pure emotion and the excitement of expectation could also be reasons for the increased energy.


If you are experiencing great surges in energy level and feel like you can single-handedly conquer the world, try to remember that you’re still pregnant! Don’t over-exert yourself even if you find yourself jumping out of your skin, and try to get plenty of rest.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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