Fun and games: Sticker collage

Sticker collages have all the elements of great toddler activities: they’re fun, cheap, portable, simple, and easy to clean up – if you do it right.

To make your post-collage cleaning as easy as possible, make sure there aren’t any easy sticker targets in the area where you’re constructing your art. For example, if you’re using a tabletop, consider covering it with newspaper to ensure that Baby doesn’t plant a difficult-to-remove sticker on the table. The same guidance can apply to hardwood floors or any surface that looks sticker-able. Explain to Baby that while you’re playing with sticker, you only put them on paper, not on furniture, electronics, or walls.

Outside of that, there are no rules for sticker collages! You can get some fancy stickers with characters or pictures on them, or you can pick up some simple dot stickers from the office supply section of the store. Sticky notes, tape, or a little glue can also get the job done. Grab a few pieces of paper, set Baby up with a sheet for stickers, and get sticking!

You can create a collage together or work on individual projects to compare and contrast. You can have a theme or go abstract. You can use stickers to attach other things to the paper or stick to stickers exclusively. And though we’re staying away from putting stickers on any walls or furniture, it’s okay to put a couple on people if they’re extra cute.

While Baby is creating the next great work of sticker art, they will also be developing their fine motor skills by pinching stickers to remove them from their backing and placing them onto paper. After you’ve finished a collage, you can even do a bonus motor skill activity by drawing around them or playing connect the dots!

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