Instant hit gifts for toddler birthday parties

Whether Baby is invited to be a guest at a birthday party or you’re helping a friend or family member select a gift for them, the goal is always to pick a present that will delight the birthday girl or boy.

It’s the thought that counts

Toddlers’ toy-tastes are as individual as toddlers are, so the first best kind of gift is often the gift that’s picked out with the guest of honor in particular in mind. That said, there are a few different types of flashier gifts that are pretty safe bets as presents, unless you have a specific reason to think that the birthday party’s guest of honor might not like them. For example, for most toddlers who are fascinated by cars and trucks, a ride-on toys or self-propelled car is usually a safe bet – unless this birthday party’s birthday boy or girl likes to admire their vehicular loves from a distance, and are a little more timid, it’s possible that too elaborate or loud of a ride-on car might not go over quite as well. For children who aren’t as enthusiastic about bigger, louder, or faster toys, remote controlled or push cars and trains are a great alternative – and these vehicles may light up, make noise, or carry tiny, toy-sized passengers. Remote controlled vehicles aimed at this age-group often just have one button, which makes them easy for little hands to operate.

Lights, camera, action

Cars and trains aren’t the only kinds of toys that hold toddlers’ attention by lighting up, though – there are many kinds, from plastic, toddler-version musical instruments to stuffed animals that come with lights fixed into their backs so that, when switched on, they create starry scenes on the ceiling above are both charming and delightful. Many children at this age start to have some bedtime anxiety and these wonderfully sweet stuffed animal night-lights can help alleviate any fears. Picking a birthday gift that ends up warding off nightmares is a great way of making sure you give one of the more memorable offerings. Comfort objects that keep toddlers feeling safe and secure in the darkness of their bedrooms at night can hold a special place in their hearts for years and years to come.

Just like the real world

Finally, toy versions of grown-up items are great for 2-year-olds who are learning to exercise their imaginations. Having a play kitchen set up near your kitchen, or a barbecue on the deck next to your grill, encourages your toddler to use creativity and imaginative thinking while learning life-long social and emotional behaviors. Children at this age often want to be “just like” an adult in their life and these toys help them feel like they’re participating in the same activities as their parents or other caregivers. Additionally, as children begin to develop curiosity, they’ll delight in activities actually in miniature versions of grown-up things, like playhouses. Whether it’s a pop-up tent in the shape of a train or a spaceship, a bright, whimsical stricture can be just the place for big dreams and independent play to flourish.

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