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Nipple soreness when pregnant

Nipple soreness may aggravate moms-in-training throughout the course of their pregnancy. Whether sore, tingling, or sensitive to the touch, many women report experiencing pain or discomfort in their nipples.

What causes it?

Your body is preparing itself for life after delivery, and readies your breasts for lactation – sometimes this can bring soreness and discomfort as the pregnancy hormones course through your body and induce the tenderness with increased fat and blood flow. Most women are likely to experience nipple soreness at some point either during or following their pregnancy.


There is not a lot you can do to prevent or treat nipple soreness, but avoiding tight clothing and being gentle when washing could prevent aggravating the area. The soreness may subside after delivery, but the symptom could persist for many women who have difficulty breastfeeding. You can always ask your healthcare provider if you need advice on how to reduce the discomfort.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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