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Excessive saliva when pregnant

Excessive saliva is common during pregnancy at any stage, and is in no way harmful for you or Baby – just very annoying.

What causes it?

Excessive saliva can occur at any point in the pregnancy, and for a variety of reasons. Fluctuating and surging hormone levels are thought to influence excess saliva early in the pregnancy, though the nausea of morning sickness is probably a more likely cause, as nausea makes swallowing more difficult, resulting in the salivary build-up. Later in the pregnancy, heartburn can induce excess saliva as your body’s mechanism of neutralizing the acid in your esophagus.


Managing the increased quantity of spit basically boils down to managing heartburn and nausea, as these are the main causes of excessive saliva. Drinking plenty of water, eating smaller meals, and sucking on hard candy can help your body recycle the extra spit.

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