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Shortness of breath when pregnant

If you are having trouble catching your breath, you are not alone. Many pregnant moms experience a shortness of breath, usually occurring in the third trimester, although it could also affect you in the second.

What causes it?

Shortness of breath generally doesn’t occur as a symptom of pregnancy until the second trimester, when it could arise because of the oh-so-familiar pregnancy hormones. More regularly though, those who experience shortness of breath will not be affected until their third trimester, when the respiratory problems are a result of the growing uterus preventing your lungs from expanding as they normally would.


It’s a good idea to avoid smoke and aerosol sprays, as these could increase the breathing troubles. Exercise is still important, but overexertion could definitely make the shortness of breath worse, so feel free to take it easy if anything makes breathing too uncomfortable. And as always, you can call your healthcare provider if you are concerned about your shortness of breath.

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