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Snoring when pregnant

Snoring is breathing with a grunting or snorting sound while you sleep, and is nearly impossible to self-diagnose. But chances are, if you’re snoring, your partner (or the neighbors) will let you know. Even those who do not normally snore may begin to after getting pregnant.

What causes it?

Nasal congestion is usually the cause of excessive snoring, but weight gain plays a role as well. It could also be symptomatic of something more serious like gestational diabetes or sleep apnea.


Nasal strips could help reduce the intensity of your snoring, as might changing your sleeping position. Proper nutrition may also help prevent it, but like many symptoms, it is difficult to forecast whether or not somebody will be a pregnancy snorer, particularly if they did not snore prior to conception. If you or partner think your snoring might be interfering with your breathing, it’s probably a good idea to let your healthcare provider know.

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