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Vision changes when pregnant

Many pregnant women experience vision changes during pregnancy, most commonly becoming a bit more near-sighted, but only temporarily. Vision changes generally reverse themselves after you give birth.

What causes it?

Due to the huge increase in bodily fluid retention while you are pregnant, your vision may undergo temporary changes, as your cornea can swell with all of the excess water. This won’t likely cause a dramatic shift in eyesight, but the difference might be significant enough to notice.


Don’t freak out if you experience vision changes while you’re pregnant, as it is very normal. Unfortunately, there is not much to do about the change, but your eyesight is overwhelmingly likely to revert back to normal after you give birth, so it’s probably not worth getting a new pair of glasses. However, if the vision change happens very quickly, or the vision change is accompanied by a headache, you should let your provider know, and if you experience total vision loss, seek medical attention right away.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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