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Vomiting when pregnant

Ah vomit, that wonderful staple of early pregnancy. Many women will spend plenty of time rushing to and from the bathroom early in their pregnancy, as vomiting is one of the most notable symptoms of morning sickness. Most vomiting disappears towards the end of the first trimester, though some women may be plagued by hyperemesis gravidarum, in which it will pretty much continue throughout pregnancy.

What causes it?

Vomiting is a result of all those fluctuating hormones in your body, which make your stomach more sensitive, and less efficient in digestion. Heightened sense of smell is another symptom of pregnancy that catalyzes vomiting.


Ginger is known to help ease nausea, so drinking ginger ale or taking ginger supplements may help. Try to keep the fresh air blowing through your home, and avoid any triggers that have made you vomit before. Unfortunately, if vomiting is on the agenda of your particular brand of morning sickness, it is likely to be a common occurrence.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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