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Is that real? Vivid dreams when pregnant

Whether a nightmare or a dream come true, lots of pregnant people report experiencing extremely vivid dreams. Some may get freaked out by the realness of the dreams, but it is a totally natural symptom, with a few contributing explanations.

What causes it?

Healthcare providers believe vivid dreams are the result of a number of factors working together during pregnancy, including:

  • Hormones: Those unpredictable, zany hormones are at it again, this time making your dreams technicolor and seem as real as, well, life.
  • More sleep: When you’re pregnant, you need more sleep, and more sleeping means more dreaming — simple as that!
  • Interrupted sleep: You’re far more likely to wake up in the middle of the night these days because of baby moving, trouble finding a comfortable position, or bed-to-bathroom sprints, which makes it easier to remember each and every dream, not just the last one that most deep sleepers remember.

These dreams may change in nature throughout pregnancy, and can reflect your emotional state. Nightmares, and vivid dreams about Baby become more common in the third trimester, while many first trimester dreams are simply intense.


Vivid dreams are usually pretty neat, but for those whose minds like to play tricks on them with nightmares and other not-so-pleasant experiences whilst sleeping, finding a more comfortable sleeping position, and avoiding liquids right before bed may help you sleep more soundly through the night, and avoid remembering or reacting to the unpleasantness.

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