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Bloating: Helpful information and tips

Bloating is when your digestive tract fills with fluid or gas, and can lead to discomfort and pressure.

What causes bloating?

Many women experience bloating at different points throughout the menstrual cycle, and it is also a very common symptom of early pregnancy. Both during and pregnancy and outside of it, bloating can be caused by fluctuating levels of hormones that result in extra water retention. Bloating can occur throughout the menstrual cycle, but is very common while women are menstruating, as well as in the premenstrual period of the luteal phase. Bloating during early pregnancy is caused by elevated levels of the hormone progesterone, which slows down the digestive system.


Try to keep your digestive system running as efficiently as possible by eating lots of fiber, and drinking plenty of water. The best way to prevent or manage symptoms like bloating is simply by eating smart, and providing your body with fresher fuels instead of fatty, processed treats that are more difficult to digest.

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