Why you are your toddler’s hero

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was someone in your life who knew absolutely everything? Who had a solution to every problem, an endless supply of food, a list of all your favorite activities, and a hug whenever you needed it? Well, you’re that person for Baby! In their eyes, you’re a total miracle worker, a genius, and a superhero. And it’s not just childhood naivete that makes them think like that – it’s a pretty reasonable thought.

Think about it. Baby experiences the whole world by your side, but this isn’t your first rodeo. You know how to get to the park, what all the words mean, whether or not there are monsters under the bed, and how to make the perfect sandwich. Is Baby supposed to believe you’re just a mere mortal with all of that power and wisdom?

On a more scientific note, in their second year, Baby is floating between independence and attachment. This means that they can do a lot of things by themself, but they want you to be there watching. They might pull away from you one minute and be clinging to you the next. After all, you’re the person with all the answers. You’re guiding them as they enter new, major life stages, and opening up that whole new world to them. That’s amazing and heroic! If someone who’d been by your side since day one told you that you could fly (“Try flying over to Mommy!”), wouldn’t that blow your mind? Well, before Baby started walking, standing on their own two feet probably seemed just as miraculous. It would be kind of a bummer that this person would proceed to put you-proof locks on all the cabinets and drawers you could now fly to, but it’d still be pretty cool.

As you probably know, being your baby’s hero isn’t all about saving the world and getting the key to the city. There are some days when Baby will be cranky and tired and prefer to throw a tantrum instead of throwing a parade. Don’t worry, that’s a normal hazard for every hero, and these moments will pass.  

And if you’re probably wondering what your superpower is, well, it’s a little obvious. Your incredible, life-changing, unbelievable superpower is that you love Baby more than anyone else in the world, more than anyone could ever love anything or anybody, more than any human could possibly be able to love. This superpower has a tendency to be passed down from generation to generation, so don’t be surprised if Baby starts showing signs of this very same power. Keep saving the day, you!

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