Social and emotional development

Along with your little one's physical development, their brain is also developing fast! Here's some information on baby's social and emotional development.

two men play with their son on the floor

Explaining gender and orientation to your child

Raising a gender creative kid

Raising a gender creative kid

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

11 fun and easy ways to share quality time with your kids

5 ways your whole family can find some calm 

The early days: connecting with baby

Dear World: Please come back. But not exactly as you were

mom and toddler playing

Clingy behaviors in toddlers

mom holding toddler

Common fears in the toddler years

adults having fun singing

Toddlers and grown-up parties

dad with toddler on tricycle

Talking to your toddler about street safety

mom and toddler cooking

Surviving cooking with kids

toddler with baby sibling

How will I introduce the idea of a sibling to a toddler?

three toddlers smiling

Helping your toddler make friends

toddler on monkey bars

Teaching your toddler their own strength

toddler with headphones

Do they have to listen to kids’ music?

toddler working on puzzle

Your toddler’s problem-solving skills in the third year

dad and toddler

Is there any truth to the “terrible twos?”

toddler dressed up

Your toddler’s unique dress sense

moms with toddlers socializing

Getting along with your toddler’s friends’ parents

three toddlers on couch

Talking to your toddler about the differences between people

toddler inspecting nature while hiking

Hiking with your toddler

toddler crying

5 tips for dealing with a temper tantrum

group of parents playing with children

Dealing with other people parenting your kids

happy toddler

Your toddler’s understanding of time

mom soothing baby

Why do babies like lullabies so much?

kids playing

Craft kits for traveling

moms with baby

Do children need role models besides their parents?

dads with newborn

Bonding with your baby as a non-genetic parent

not happy toddler

Baby’s new favorite word: “no”

baby on swing set

Fostering your child’s self-esteem

baby throwing ball

Why do babies love throwing things on the ground?

baby laughing

Why do babies laugh so much?

baby with book

Benefits of reading to your baby

A smiling baby.

Smiling and newborns

A newborn baby laying on bed to represent newborn hearing development.

Your newborn’s hearing in the first month

Can you spoil a baby? Image here is of a baby wearing a crown and holding a scepter to represent this question.

Spoiling your newborn


What is the line between toddler and baby?

Your toddler’s understanding of space and time

Expecting: telling your kids about a new addition

Mom and daugther doing yoga

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: How I model healthy habits for my own children so they won’t worry like I do


Boys will be boys: What it might mean to raise my son to be a good man, and brother, and person

Why it’s important for toddlers to make mistakes

Handling questions you don’t know the answer to

Handling public events like a pro (with a toddler in tow!)

Celebrate Pride all year long with these inclusive LGBTQ children’s books 

Celebrating Black children in literature

How to talk to your child about race and racism

Activities for mixed-age parties

The guest list for your toddler’s third birthday party

Other kids on the playground

Helping your shy toddler make friends

How much socialization should an almost-two-year-old get?

Should I make my child hug relatives?

A parent’s guide to making friends at the playground

When your toddler is afraid around a relative

Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

Birthday party etiquette


Talking to your child about public vs. private behavior

Playdate etiquette 


When do babies start to recognize people?

Building social skills without daycare

Talking to your toddler about the connection between meat and animals

Toddlers and pre-math

The realities of multiples’ dynamics

Opportunities to encourage your toddler’s growing sense of independence

Making sure you and your partner bond with each of your multiples

Fear and anger in toddlers

The development of toddlers’ self-control

Socialization in the fourth year

Socialization in the third year

Slaying the monster in the closet: Dealing with your toddler’s irrational fears

Modifying behavior without being mean

Can toddlers multitask?

Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

Activities for your toddler’s third birthday

Communicating your toddler’s boundaries to relatives

Monitoring your toddler’s screentime

Letting your toddler win

Toddler friendships when you’re not friends with the parents

When you and your toddler don’t see eye-to-eye

Crib talk and your toddler

Toddlers who look older than they are

Making your own family’s traditions

It takes a village: How community programs can enrich your baby’s life

“So, what does it do?”: helping family and friends bond with your baby

Helping siblings bond and cut down on conflict

Building quality time into your everyday routines

Five ways to help young children bond with a new baby

Just shyness, or a problem with socialization?

Answering the big questions

I don’t like my toddler’s friends

Educating your child about the internet

When will my toddler be able to run for office? A skills breakdown

Talking to your toddler about trying new things

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with younger children

Teaching toddlers about animals’ feelings 

Setting up your toddler’s world for independence

Why is my toddler so stubborn?

Raising a confident child

When to step in to toddler arguments

Introducing your toddler to new social situations

Talking to your child about a new sibling-to-be

The importance of playing with your toddler

The right kinds of books for two-and-a-half-year-olds

Toddlers who resist independence

Birthday gifts for your toddler’s peers

Socializing to prepare for preschool

When your child and your friend’s child don’t get along

Traveling with your toddler

When to teach your toddler about “stranger danger”

Talking to your toddler about tough stuff

How to win an argument with your toddler

Help! My partner and I have different parenting styles

Your toddler’s growing understanding of ownership and sharing

A toddler’s first lie

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with other children

Toddlers and repeated stories

6 reasons why the toddler years are the best years

A toddler’s growing sense of independence

Sick day activities for toddlers

Toddlers and literal thinking

Helping a toddler with social anxiety

Toddlers and limit-testing

Your toddler’s sense of humor

Toddlers and aggression

Toddlers and sensory development

Teaching physics to your toddler 

Preparing your toddler for big changes

The evolution of parallel play

Toddlers and self-control

Toddlers and the “why” phase

Talking to your toddler about their own feelings

A parent’s guide to making friends at the playground 

Positive ways for your toddler to channel negative emotions

Teaching your toddler to tell the truth

Your toddler’s attention span

Fostering an interest in science in your toddler

When will my toddler waltz? A skills breakdown

Explaining the difference between dreams and reality to your toddler

The tenets of tidiness: Teaching your toddler about cleaning up

Your toddler and comfort objects

Helping your fidgety toddler settle down

Encouraging your toddler’s interests

Bright sides of the “mine” phase

Talking to your toddler about your feelings

Apologizing to your toddler

Talking to your toddler about other people’s feelings

Saying goodbye to a caregiver

Can I teach my toddler math?

Why are children’s stories so scary sometimes?

Keeping events uneventful  

Help! My toddler is meaner to me than to other caregivers

Your toddler and body image

My toddler is acting out, is this normal?

What is separation anxiety in toddlers? When does it end? 

The benefits of toddlers playing with older kids

Food ideas for a toddler birthday party

Maturity in the 2- to 3-year-old classroom or playroom

Imagination in the coming year

Your toddler and the word ‘why’

Common toddler fears in the third year

Your almost-three-year-old’s sense of self-control

From abstract to surreal: A toddler art development timeline

Your toddler and the concept of storage

Self-centeredness in the second year

4 subtle ways to raise an inclusive child

Pica and your one-year-old

Why table manners can wait

How I conquered my child’s tantrums at the doctor’s office

The evolution of the bedtime story


Ways to build your baby’s vocabulary


Raising kind kids

Toddlers and strange fascinations

The beginning of fear

When do babies start to care about other people’s feelings?

Preserving your children’s distinct personalities

Dealing with separation anxiety


Why do babies love repetition so much?


How does baby memory develop?

Teaching others to tell your children apart

A person playing with their baby.

Helping your child learn about object permanence

A baby holding an adult's hand.

What is separation anxiety?

What is a comfort object?

Teaching your child about safety

How long will my toddler stay attached to their comfort object?

Introducing your toddler to new adults

Seeing the world through a toddler’s eyes

Toddlers and mischief

Toddlers and body image

Talking to your toddler about other people’s religions

Is my toddler mature enough to take care of a pet?

Babies and personality

A person looking at their crying baby wondering 'how long should I let my baby cry it out?'

How much should I let my baby cry?

Your one-year-old and personal space

Simple answers to complicated questions: why do bad things happen to good people?

Simple answers to common questions: why is the sky blue?

Contagious distress and your toddler

A baby bonding with their mother's partner.

Helping your partner feel closer to baby

Simple answers to complicated questions: why is it raining?