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Mood swings when pregnant

Mood swings are a very common symptom of pregnancy, as over three-quarters of pregnant women report experiencing mood swings, at equally likely probabilities for the duration of the term.

What causes it?

Hormones of course! Hormones can interfere with the brain’s normal functioning, which could cause chemical imbalances, and very intense and changing emotions as a result. Pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time for many women, so mood swings may be exacerbated by the simple strains of life.


Try to relax! Your hormones will calm down to their regular levels after you give birth, and many of your worries will be calmed once you deliver. Make sure your partner and any other trusted members of your support team know if you are feeling down, as a little help from those who love you can help you get that consistently positive feeling back. In the meantime, stress management coping skills like breathing exercises, physical activity, time management, and talking through problems can help make your pregnancy a bit lower-stress.

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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