Fun ways to reveal Baby’s sex

The issue of revealing a baby’s sex is a divisive one some parents want to know as soon as they can, some wait until Baby is born for the big surprise, and others choose to raise gender creative children. If you are planning to announce your baby’s sex to your family and friends, here are some fun ways to do so!

Host a sex-reveal party

Held while you’re still pregnant, sex-reveal parties can be a great way to get together with those close to you and let them know whether Baby is a boy or a girl! Sex-reveal parties often use cupcakes with blue or pink filling depending on boy/girl to make the big announcement. These parties have grown extremely popular.


Although you could hang a pink or blue balloon outside of your home while you’re still pregnant to reveal Baby’s sex, it’s probably best to use this method after they are born so as to not set off any false alarms. Tying a pink or blue balloon to the mailbox is a classic way to reveal the sex.

Drop hints

Mixing boy or girl clues into your conversations and emails could be a fun way to mess with people who think that you’re planning on keeping Baby’s sex a secret. The best jokes are the jokes that nobody else gets!

Do it in a puppet show

Whether you use sock puppets, mannequins, or a made-up abdomen, putting together a puppet show could be a fun and creative way to reveal Baby’s sex. Depending on your artistic abilities, as well as your friends’ tolerance for such activities, a puppet show could be a really outside-the-box way to reveal whether your little one is a boy or a girl. And you can be the main character!

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