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Rainy day activities that won’t wreck your home

Rainy day activities that won’t wreck your home

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean your home need to be taken by storm. Here are some fun indoor activities to help shake those rainy day blues.

  • Make it a movie day: Sure, excess amounts of screentime aren’t recommended on a regular basis, but once in a while when the weather is a wash, a movie can be a fun, cozy way to spend a little time. Cue up some classics and snuggle up with lots of snacks – this is a great time to introduce Baby to some of your old favorites, before they are too used to more advanced special effects. And if it’s a movie that keeps Baby’s interest, they won’t even be tempted to get up and make a mess until after the credits roll.
  • Build a fort: Grab some old sheets and chairs to build your own tent right in your living room. Pack it full of flashlights, snacks, and lots of other camping goodies to pretend you’re braving the elements. The best part? You won’t need any bug spray!
  • Create some art: Painting can be pretty messy, so stock up on coloring books with markers that only write on the special pages within the book. Baby will love being able to color the pictures, and you’ll love your furniture being spared redecoration.
  • Read books: There’s nothing tidier, or better for your toddler’s brain development, than reading lots of books together. Let them curl up on your lap and read some of their favorite stories. (Disclaimer: It’s OK if it’s the same book on repeat.)
  • Make a collage: With toddler-friendly scissors, let Baby help you go on a photo hunt through old magazines to make a collage. You can make multiple collages with themes like the alphabet, animals, or Baby’s choice. If Baby hasn’t tried this kind of art project before, it might keep them occupied even after they might be ready to take a break from their usual projects.
  • Put together a sensory bin: Load up a plastic container full of fun items to pique Baby’s interest. A sensory bin is a general term to describe a collection of substances or activities that engage as many of a toddler’s senses as possible at once. Popular items include pom-poms, plastic animals, and foam letters. Baby can dig for “treasure” as they explore the different feelings of the objects in the bin. You can also help build their vocabulary by talking to them about what they find.
  • Dance the day away: Put on some tunes and get shaking. Being cooped up inside can make for a cranky toddler, as they have lots of energy to burn. Get those wiggles out by dancing away to their favorite songs with them. Maybe you two can even make up a reverse-rain dance to get that sun shining again soon!

Rainy days can be full of just as many adventures as beautiful outdoor days, as long as you and Baby want them to be!

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